Hopelessly Stressed

I will warn anyone reading this that it is depressing. Its about how constantly stressed pretty much everyone is about countless things. I have been very stressed recently and so it is characteristic of how I feel currently. I also think there are many flaws in almost every aspect of our world, including just our day to day lives. From how we go about conversations, to how our businesses function, I think most things could be greatly improved; and If not for the constant mind set of “This is just how things are done” it would be easy.                                                    Also as a side not to my side note, it is Ironic that this is part of an assignment for class so in doing this I am in turn, lessening my stress. I think its funny lol


Humans need Progress the push and the pull to be better, better, best

Everything we are, we’ve build on the backs of the hopelessly stressed

We are told to just hold on, suck it up, bite the bullet, suffer through

Better times are ahead; our goals are where we look because that’s all we have to make it to

… Right?

But wasn’t that yesterday? Isn’t that tomorrow?

We are constantly told to just push through the sorrow

Because if we do, tomorrow we will free from that sorrow

And maybe then we can own that happiness, it won’t just be borrowed

It seems just a vicious cycle. Will that stress ever truly leave

But we can’t give up so we take hold of that stress and we heave

That is progress, but your youth is one hefty fee

Young people stress for they won’t always be what they used to be

Most of them will think they wasted their prime

That they did not make use of their most capable time

Instead the world sits tired behind a desk, always hopelessly stressed

And then waking up to do it again they’ll get dressed

Now providing for your family is indeed a noble cause

But even still this progression has many flaws

Because they are destined to do what their predecessors did

Go to work, breathe in the stress that suffocates our internal Kid

After all, the Apple can’t fall far from our man-made tree

They continue to cage the young no matter their desire to be free

We continue to stress for now we must prepare

For the time when our backs creak and we lose all our hair

For when the working world no longer has need for us

When on that green parachute we made we will be forced to put our trust

But even if you were smart and the parachute does hold

Your mind and body are limited for they’ve gotten old

You will soon feel the weight of what you paid

When you cannot do much of anything without the help of a maid

But with all those benefits how could we refuse

Those businesses digesting the young until they are of no use

Then your replacement will come everyone will have a successor

And they will give their youth as well their spirit given a suppressor

Too soon your time will be up so you stress about that

You want to warn others to live life before they become old and fat

But they need money to pay for their stuff

They won’t listen if you say it doesn’t matter property is just fluff

You were always told life means working but now you are sure

Life is about enjoying it while it lasts not just at the end of it but before

Now your life is all gone, finally you’re laid down to rest

As the world continues on, forever hopelessly stressed

The Rick Rap

I made my website RicklePick.com because I love Rick and Morty. However while I thought I might post memes or possibly discuss the episodes, I decided on a different direction. However I am not yet willing to give up the name RicklePick. So I thought it would make sense to have my first Rap about Rick, so I can at least partially justify the name.


People call him a Pickle but he ain’t not dill

If you hatein on Rick you gotta take pill

No one can stop him he is quicker than a rabbit

He doesn’t have to try its just a bad ass habit

He goes good on Wheat and Sour and Rye

and when y’all ask who is the best Rick is my guy

I hear what you’re saying sometimes he can be a prick

but you’ll all be running when someone yells here comes Rick

There is no containing him he is an unstoppable force

He’s murdering these bitches and Evil without remorse

He is the one I’d want by my side during a fight

Don’t piss him off or get ready to take flight

Birdperson, Squanchy and GearHead all know

That when Ricks on the Stage hes the star of the show

He is the man on the street always on the list at the club

Now Raise you hands up and let me hear WubbaLubbaDubDub!!