The Rick Rap

I made my website because I love Rick and Morty. However while I thought I might post memes or possibly discuss the episodes, I decided on a different direction. However I am not yet willing to give up the name RicklePick. So I thought it would make sense to have my first Rap about Rick, so I can at least partially justify the name.


People call him a Pickle but he ain’t not dill

If you hatein on Rick you gotta take pill

No one can stop him he is quicker than a rabbit

He doesn’t have to try its just a bad ass habit

He goes good on Wheat and Sour and Rye

and when y’all ask who is the best Rick is my guy

I hear what you’re saying sometimes he can be a prick

but you’ll all be running when someone yells here comes Rick

There is no containing him he is an unstoppable force

He’s murdering these bitches and Evil without remorse

He is the one I’d want by my side during a fight

Don’t piss him off or get ready to take flight

Birdperson, Squanchy and GearHead all know

That when Ricks on the Stage hes the star of the show

He is the man on the street always on the list at the club

Now Raise you hands up and let me hear WubbaLubbaDubDub!!

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